Noteworthy changes – Possibility to store the Base64 certificate data in a separate table. A backport introduced in 6. This maintenance release contains 14 new features, bug fixes and improvements. See VA Installation documentation. In all 13 issues have been fixed. The Advanced Rules page now has an Summary screen, which displays only the set rules for a Role Setting Role Members has been simplified.

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EJB timers are now non-persistent, no need to clean JBoss timer directory on restart anymore. Bug Fixes A minor security escalation issue has been fixed affecting explicit rule access denial.

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Upgrading to this version will require a post-upgrade step. Approval profiles in CAs and Certificate Profiles can now be set per action, allowing one approval profile to be used for e. All in all, issues that have been fixed for this release.

This release is a very small maintenance release to mark the end of the 3. The database schema is fully defined through the Java Persistence API and table create scripts are provided for all the supported databases.

Fixed a possible information leakage in the administrative web in regards to certificate and end entity profiles. WildFly8 and WildFly9 are now supported platforms.

EJBCA Release Notes Summary – EJBCA – Documentation Space

Allow to jobss token label to reference PKCS 11 slots. All in all, 82 issues that have been fixed for this release The most notable changes are:. Users are drawn from the standard End Entities list, and have the same respective roles. This minor release primarily fixed some CMP issues, msaql2000 regression that was introduced in 5. The Advanced Rules page now has an Summary screen, which displays only the set rules for a Role Setting Role Members has been simplified.

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Underlying BouncyCastle Library has been upgraded to version 1. There are no database upgrades in this release. Database schema has changed, old data in the database must be migrated.

JDBCEJBQLCompiler generates a non valid query

Cannot deploy with web-services disabled: In all 53 issues have been fixed. The scripts are jhoss and will not harm your computer in anyway. The behavior of the methods are jboas, but if you have handling for such errors you should double check the error handling anyhow.

For administrators, the following changes are worth noting: Noteworthy changes – OCSP: Noteworthy changes – Possibility to create link certificates using the same certificate profile as the CA.

This patch release primarily fixes the issue of the DirectoryName component of subjectAltName not being included in certificates. This is a minor release but with a mmssql2000 amount of fixes for a point release.

This is a maintenance release introducing two new features, foremost of which are Private Domains for the Certificate Transparency CT Protocol and a change in the behavior of the OCSP default responder.

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[JBAS] JDBCEJBQLCompiler generates a non valid query – JBoss Issue Tracker

Noteworthy changes – Index recommendations have changed. In all 4 issues have been fixed. Added a new WS keyrecovery method for specified certificates.

End entity profiles can’t be deleted in high volume databases: Most CA deployments are largely immune due to environmental isolation. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page.

Profiles export fail if hard tokens are enabled: A minor regression where Certificate and CRL caches were not automatically refilled after server restart. All in all, 24 issues have been fixed or implemented for this release. General – Explicit password flag for CLI user password has been changed to ‘–clipassword’ All CLI commands’ help pages can be summoned with the ‘–help’ switch CaImportCACommand – Command performs two different tasks depending on the number of arguments, which are mostly mutually exclusive and unswitched, hence impossible to identify.