Post as a guest Name. Originally Posted by flyfisher. Newer driver releases don’t have the miniport driver, just storport. Miniport drivers of HBAs that do not generate interrupts do not have this routine. Indicates the given Srb has finished.

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Note that the resolution of the system timer is approximately 10 milliseconds. There are folders for x86 and amd64 inside the miniport folder, point to the appropriate one for your OS. If this value is set, ScsiPortNotification requires an additional parameter: The code does not compile.

I will be coming here again in a while to look more info and to find out betwen news. Also, if you insert four spaces before each line of code, it will be highlighted as code and won’t be word-wrapped.

What’s the difference between SCSIport and Storpor – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Given the inherent limitations of using SCSIport with high performance adapters for which it was not designed, Microsoft has developed a new port driver, Storport. For a Plug and Play miniport driver, the port driver calls HwScsiFindAdapter when the Plug and Play manager has detected an adapter for that miniport driver. I believe you have included at least one of these header files: You can try DbgPrintEx also.

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ScsiPortCompleteRequest can be called to complete outstanding requests after a bus reset, a device reset, or an abort, rather than calling ScsiPortNotification for each outstanding request differenxe.

These differences, discussed in the remainder of this section, provide the advanced functionality of Storport that enables vendor miniport drivers and adapter hardware to function more effectively. I tested the drivers, installing them via device manager, and used Atto for a benchmark. The Storport header file, storport.

Bus enumeration is time-consuming and ties up the bus, so a miniport driver should not send this notification unnecessarily. The SCSI port driver will manage all required bus-reset delays.

Scsipogt drivers of HBAs that do not generate interrupts do not have this routine. Thanks to Microsoft, this article is a collection of articles from Microsoft authenticated documents.

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I need help and advice. It gives error like: Are your switches zoned so that only one hba on your server can see only 1 storpogt port OR tape port? The interrupt is, in turn, processed by the HwInterrupt miniport routine indicated as ISR or Interrupt Service Routine in the diagramswhich receives the completed requests and begins the whole process again.

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windows – SCSI port vs storport – Stack Overflow

In this case, each server needing access to both storage and tape would have 2 distinct zones per fabric, “single initiator zoning” as some difefrence it Or are you a bit mixed? It is compiled on W2k3 checked x86 using build utility.


But, unlike Storport, these drivers may perform unreliably with the Windows platform because they are designed without in-depth knowledge of the operating system. Google was no help.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver

Though I am not a expert in windows programming, please ensure the following. The miniport driver must not access the Srband it must not pass the Srb ahd another routine such as ScsiPortLogError. A miniport driver that calls ScsiPortInitialize more than once should check the value returned by ScsiPortInitialize at each call and save the lowest value for all its calls.

Can someone tell me what the difference is?

The function name is case-sensitive, betwen ensure that you are calling DbgPrint 2. I ahve the source only and no debug environment. I had an article on it somewhere, but don’t have access to it at the moment.

Thanks for the reply.